Q: What if I need to cancel my camper’s registration?

A: We understand that circumstances can change unexpectedly. If your child is registered for camp and there is a reason that he/she will not be able to attend that session, please do one of the following to remove them from the roster. There are many signed up on the waiting list who would like to know that space will be available for them. If you just don’t show up for camp, you are knocking others out of the opportunity to attend as well.

If you need to cancel registration, you may do so one of two ways:

  1. Call 423-226-1000 and choose the option to cancel your registration.

  2. Email


Q:What does my Camper need to bring to camp?

A:There is a complete packing list on our website.


Q:Where is Check-in?

A:Check-in for all Camp Experiences will take place at Camp Hope of East Tennessee (located at 1069 Old Union Rd. Church Hill, TN 37642)For a Google Map and directions, Click HereThe camp gates will open at 5pm and all campers need to be checked in by 6pm at the latest.


Q:Where is Check-out?

A: This changes depending on the camp and date. Look for emails leading up to your camp to find out where your camp will end.


Q: What do I need to do at Check-in?

A: Anyone can bring your child to camp and check them in. Once you arrive on the camp property, there will be signs and volunteers guiding you to the check-in location on the camp property. If your child does not have any medication to be checked in with the Medical Office Staff, you will simply need to make sure that a member of the Check-in Team knows your child’s name and introduces him or her to their cabin counselors. At that point, you are free to leave. All of the security information needed for check-out was provided during the online registration.

If your child has medication of any kind, it will need to be checked in with the Camp Medical Office Staff. At Check-in, a representative from the Medical Office Staff will be present to receive and log any medication as well as verify dosage information and note any changes in the camper’s medical history since registration. after you have met with the Medical Office Staff, Someone from the Check-in Team will introduce your camper to their cabin counselors. At that point, you are free to leave. All of the security information needed for check-out was provided during the online registration.


Q: I can’t bring my camper to Check-in, what do I do?

A: Anyone can drop off a camper. All of the security information needed for check-out was provided during the online registration. Many of our teenage campers are licensed drivers, however, for insurance purposes and the safety of others, we ask that they do not bring their own vehicles to camp. If they drive to camp, someone will need to ride with them to drive the vehicle back. Campers will not be allowed to park their vehicle at camp throughout the week.


Q: What do I need at Check-out?

A: When it is time to pick up your camper on Sunday, the easiest way to pick them up is to have the security PIN or word that you chose during online registration. This will allow you to send anyone you wish to pick up your child. If you indicated that there were individuals who are not allowed to leave with your child, then anyone who picks them up will be required to provide a state issued ID in addition to the PIN or word. If you do not have the PIN or Security Word, you will be required to show State Issued ID that proves you are the Primary Parent or Guardian who registered the child for camp.


Q: Can my child attend more than one camp per season?

A: With the high demand and spaces filling up fast, we allow each child to attend 1 camp per summer.


Q: How can I keep up with my child’s activities while they are at camp?

A: We post lots of picture updates on our Facebook page.

Q: I was too late to register for a Camp Hope Experience, How do I find out the next time registration opens?

A: If you want to be the first to know when new sessions open for registration, either signup for the waitlist at a full camp to get in the system (This will speed up future registrations as well) or visit and like our official Facebook Page at


 Q: I would like to Volunteer at Camp Hope, How do I do that?

A: More info coming soon!


We hope that answered many of your questions. If you still have any more questions please call, email or send a message on Facebook!